Happy Kwanzaa Greetings for Friends & Family [ Kwanzaa 2018 ]

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Kwanzaa Greetings for Family: Not being with you is hard for all the times we shared in the traditions of Kwanzaa, but I want you to know that I’m thinking of you on this great holiday.

Kwanzaa Greetings for Friends: Having you as a friend and sharing in the same traditions as I is something that I have valued for all the time that we have been friends. Happy Kwanzaa to you and your family. Thinking of you from a distance.

Kwanzaa Greetings for Mentor: You have been with me since I was little and have shown me throughout my life the true meaning of Kwanzaa. Remembering you today and sharing our love as I wish you a Happy Kwanzaa to the one who showed me what it stands for and for what it’s all about.

Kwanzaa Greetings for All: During Kwanzaa, we remember those we love. I love the true meaning of this holiday and I am so glad I can share it with you.

Kwanzaa Greetings for Coworkers: Others might be saying Merry Christmas to you, but I will choose to say Happy Kwanzaa. It’s great working with someone who has a unique tradition. May you have a great holiday.

Kwanzaa Greetings for Boss: You lead us and inspire us. You open us to new ideas. Though we might not call the season the same thing, I wanted to wish you and your family a very happy Kwanzaa.