Happy Epiphany Prayer: Catholic Prayer for Happy Epiphany 2018

Happy Epiphany Prayer Catholic: We all are excited to know about the latest news of Happy Epiphany 2018 Prayer & Happy Epiphany Prayer 2018? As we know that the this is the only event which everyone is celebrate. Not only the country but every religion man celebrate this wonderful event. In the past few year, we have noticed that Young generation is quite excited to celebrate this event. So let’s take a look on the some Epiphany Prayer Catholic which you might like, In Happy Epiphany 2018. After the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, the Happy Epiphany 2018 is coming on way. By sharing this Best Epiphany Lyrics you can easily spread joy & happiness with your circle.
Happy Epiphany Prayer Catholic 2018
Happy Epiphany Prayer Catholic 2018

Happy Epiphany Prayer Catholic 2018

1 ) The story is out! Jesus Christ, Light of the World has been born to dispel the darkness that covers its people. God’s glory appears in human form. Life on earth will never be the same again!

Father God, the star that led the Magi to the stable announced to the world that its Saviour was born. Today we live in a world that is still covered by darkness, and still needing to make that journey to the stable door. May our lives reflect your light day by day, as we seek to serve where you have placed us. That we might be the means through which others can encounter Jesus Christ. Amen

2 ) We are drawn to your feet in worship
Your creation facing its creator
Hearts laid bare by your light
Humbly asking for your mercy.
We come to you as a people in need
of assurance and forgiveness.
We come to you as a people in need
of healing and wholeness.
We come dependent upon your love.
Draw us close.
Enfold us in your arms.
Fill us with your Spirit
that we might reflect your light
within this dark world,
speak your Word with boldness
and draw others to your feet.
We ask this through your dear Son Jesus Christ.

3 ) Lord God, we are here today to offer to you our sacrifice of worship. We are here to listen to your Word, to bring to you the concerns of our hearts, and to join together in fellowship. Speak to us; through Scripture, hymns, prayer and silence. Grant us ears to hear, hearts to listen, and lives prepared to do your will. Amen

4 ) We forget sometimes that the Jesus whose birth we celebrated at Christmas spent many years growing up in a small Jewish family, growing wiser and stronger, learning a trade, waiting for his moment. Waiting for the pieces of the bigger picture to fall into place, when he would enter the waters of the Jordan, the Holy Spirit descend on him and that voice come from heaven proclaiming, "You are my one dear Son; in you I take great delight."

Father God, as we join together in worship let us not forget your infinite patience and love in dealing with your people, of which we count ourselves. Use us in your service, that we might draw others into your kingdom. To your praise and glory we ask this. Amen.


5 ) Your majesty is beyond
The eternal King
high and lifted up
to whom the angels worship.
Your power is beyond
The Creator God
who shakes the heavens
yet holds us in his hands.
Your mercy is beyond
our deserving
The Saviour God
once born for us
now sacrificed in love.
Forgive the smallness
of our faith
the magnitude
of our need,
the depth
of our sorrow.
Raise us up to new life
and new ways of service
through Jesus Christ
Your Son, our Lord. Amen

6 ) You have gifted the Church
through the goodness of your Grace
to be your hands and do your work,
to be your voice and share your words,
to bring healing to a fallen world
and broken lives make whole.
You have gifted your people
with the blessings of your Spirit,
the power to transform lives
and make all things new.
Now may our hearts receive,
our mouths proclaim,
our hands prepare for service,
that the love that we have known
might overflow the lives we live
and pour into the hearts of others,
that all might receive your Grace,
your renewing Spirit and your love.

7 ) In our worship today let us remember that the love of God for his people and for his church knows no limits. The Psalmist talks of God’s love reaching up to the heavens and his justice to the depth of the ocean, and yet he blesses us as individuals with the gifts of his Spirit so that his Church, his people might be a light in this place, to his glory.

Father God, we bring our offering of worship and with it the service of our lives through this coming week. May we go from this place knowing that we have met with you and been blessed by your Spirit, to live and work to your glory. Amen

8 ) We pray for confidence
to share your Word with others
and for the opportunity to proclaim it.
Forgive our reluctance,
our timidity.
We pray for wisdom
to know what should be said
and the moment in which to say it.
Forgive our reticence,
our anxiety.
We pray for knowledge
of the fullness of your Grace
and the willingness to live it.
Forgive our ignorance,
our self-reliance.
Be the centre of all we are
The Light by which we walk
The blessing we bring to others
Through Jesus Christ alone we ask.

9 ) Generous God, for all that sustains us;
air to breath, warmth and light,
food to eat, water to drink,
we offer our thanks and praise.
For spiritual gifts that bind us together;
one people, one body
empowered for service
we offer our hands and voices.
For the Good News of the Gospel;
healing and wholeness
freedom and justice
we offer our hearts in service.

10 ) Where your love resides
there is wholeness,
Where your peace inhabits
there is harmony,
Where your Spirit lives
there is freedom.
God of gentle whisper
cooling breeze
and sweet perfume,
infuse our lives
with all that is good
and pure and holy,
and we shall be a
fragrant offering
wherever you might need us.

11 ) We meet today, Lord God, not as in the days of Moses when a physical barrier, the veil, separated the people from your presence, but in the sure knowledge that when your Son died on the Cross for us, the curtain of the temple was torn in two to grant us access to the holiest place.
It is in this confidence that we approach your throne with our sacrifice of worship, and ask no more than that you will bless us with your presence, draw close to us and enable us to know you more. Amen

12 ) You are our strength,
the light by which we walk,
the truth by which we talk.
You are our hope,
the promise to which we hold,
the story that must be told.
You are the peace
this world cannot provide,
that overcomes our pride.
You are our God,
the One whose name we praise
to whom our hands are raised.

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