When is Thanksgiving 2017

We know you are searching on Google about When is Thanksgiving 2017, Thursday, November 23 will be the date of Thanksgiving 2017. In case, you are also searching for Thanksgiving Day Date and search answer of your questions like When is Thanksgiving Day 2017? However, in the USA (United States) this date is normal since every single year Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

When is Thanksgiving 2017

Origin of Thanksgiving Day 2017

In 1621, when the harvesting procedure was finished and the European pilgrims were prepared for the following season too. They chose to thank god by celebrating for three days. 53 of the European explorers and 90 of the Wampanoag Indians met up to praise the day. They talked, chuckled, implored and had a devour. This is known as the principal Thanksgiving Day and the origin of the same. So, In the United States celebrate the Thanksgiving Day each and every year in Navember.

When Thanksgiving Become a National Holiday

The Thanksgiving Day was not a national holiday from the beginning. In fact, sometimes it's not celebrated in the United States. So, in the year 1863, President Abraham Lincoln decided to declare it a public holiday. During the American Civil War, President Abraham said that we need to take a day off to thank and that was the fourth Thursday of November. So, this is how it became a national holiday.

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When is Thanksgiving Day 2017

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